Daniele Rocha

Daniele Rocha is a leading art dealer and curator specializing in innovative, interdisciplinary contemporary art. Since moving to San Francisco from her native Brazil in 1999, Daniele has represented a variety of well-known artists from the fine art and street art worlds. She was a founding partner of Ian Ross Gallery and has independently curated exhibitions for many clients including Gensler, Facebook, Infinity Towers, and others.

In 2015, Daniele embarked on her latest project, Rocha Art, an art gallery, mobile curatorial platform, and public art initiative based in San Francisco. She also co-founded the non-profit 1 Brush Initiative, which sponsors community murals and recruits experienced professional artists to lead creativity workshops for youth from underserved schools and the juvenile justice system. Philanthropy is at the heart of Rocha’s work and she has used her influence to raise funds for venerable organizations such as the Global Fund for Women, City Youth Now, and Youth Speaks. Though her involvement in the arts, she seeks to empower women and create a better future for San Francisco’s next generation.