1 Brush’s Youth Mural and Art Program offers an immersive experience into mural production and art making through civic engagement and education. This youth development program is centered around giving youth the tools necessary to produce a mural or general art project from idea to completion, while learning about the importance of the arts and being an active participant in a community. The experienced staff of 1 Brush create a safe and supportive working environment for youth to develop their skills throughout the program. This is accomplished through a variety of facilitated arts and educational activities and experiences. Part arts education program and part youth development program, 1 Brush’s Youth Mural and Art Program weaves together youth leadership, community engagement, artistic development, new life skill sets, and the reward of accomplishment to help prepare them for adulthood.

Program Goals
– Educate youth on social justice issues, importance of the arts, and community engagement
– Develop critical thinking skills and youth leadership in communities
– Learn the importance and care of public spaces and urban environments
– Provide educational and artistic support through ongoing mentorship
– To accompany youth in their development of skills, interest and desire to become change makers

Each program will be comprised of active youth participants (ages 6 – 18) and 1 Brush educational facilitators. Groups will meet multiple times a week over the period of the program to develop comfortable, safe, fun educational settings and relationships with everyone involved. The group will engage in a variety of arts and education based exercises and activities that promote learning, sharing, awareness, understanding, craft and imagination. There are guest speakers, artist studio visits, community interviews, team building exercises, museum and gallery visits. Throughout the program, a final mural to be created is the agreed upon objective. These activities and experiences are designed to help the mural’s design come together, collectively. Nearing the end of the program, the group will dedicate their last few days to the completion of the mural. An unveiling event will be organized by the group, to share the mural with the community it is created in. It is through community engagement, imagination, and agency that the youth in the program can experience a sense of accomplishment and pride. The Youth Mural Program experience may then be used for scholarships, internships, employment opportunities, and other changemaking endeavors.