1 Brush Initiative is a San Francisco-based non-profit that facilitates public art projects and empowers youth by giving them access to hands-on arts education. The initiative’s goal is to create a street art museum experience in San Francisco while also supporting underserved youth. 1 Brush recruits professional artists to lead workshops and mentor young people at underserved schools and in the juvenile justice system. Through their educational and public art endeavors, they hope to give youth the tools to express themselves in positive ways and brighten San Francisco‚Äôs neighborhoods with engaging public art.

Mission Statement: Beautify, integrate and foster the diverse culture of San Francisco through the use of art.

Public Arts

Since 2012 the 1Brush.org team has enabled and painted dozens of murals all over San Francisco. Public Murals can inspire an entire neighborhood and act as a catalyst for positive change. Historically San Francisco has been an urban epicenter for mural art globally, but in the last few years taggers have sought to destroy historical landmarks, local businesses (including our own) and popular public murals as well. 1 Brush aims to create a street art museum experience by pairing muralists with businesses and reach into larger and more neglected spaces of the city like Lower Potrero, Dogpatch and Bayview neighborhoods. By funding and organizing projects to beautify large public spaces, 1 Brush can stimulate positive growth, safety and a sense of community into developing parts of San Francisco.

Youth Workshops

1 Brush has put together a great group of artists to lead and work with youth from underfunded public schools and the juvenile justice system, providing them with mentorship and high-quality arts education. In addition, the young people in the program will have the opportunity to work alongside professional artists in Rocha Art's mural projects to improve their painting skills and learn what it takes to have a professional career in the arts. Inspired by the success stories of many of the artists, 1 Brush sees art as a transformative tool that can change people's lives by empowering them to express themselves in positive ways.